Eagle Ops

Eagle OPS is 501(c)3 organization committed to providing opportunities for veterans, veteran families and patriots to build relationships through social activities, fitness and volunteerism. Through these relationships, Eagle OPS is connecting veterans to resources and assisting them in a healthy transition home.

Squatch Gunworks

The absolute best Cerakote in the country we beleive. Squatch Gunworks offers a wide variety of products and services to include Custom Cerakote application on firearms, firearm accessories, knives, and more. Josh gives back to the community and to some amazing programs that help veterans.

Jay Steagall

As a senior pilot of a KC-135 tanker, who deployed in service to our Great Nation 9 times over a 22 year military career, Major Jay Steagall (Ret.) knows up close and personal the reason we fight for the freedoms we love. As Chairman of the States Rights Committee, Jay Steagall is working every day to ensure that our state, and others who are like minded, have the tools to ensure that the powers given to the federal government are 'few and defined' as the Founders intended. The exploding growth of bureaucratic and federal encroachment on state's rights has got to stop - and it stops right here - at the border of our Great State of Oklahoma!

Chris Banning

Air Force Veteran.

Constitutional Conservative.

Chris leads a team of over 50-employees and has been nationally recognized for his work with veterans, serving on non-profit boards dedicated to improving the lives of those who served.

Advanced Combat

Complete AR builds, parts, and accessories. Advanced Combat has been serving customers for over 10yrs.

Cloverleaf Precision

Custom Ammunition to custom built precision rifles




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